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How to Make the IRS Tax Audit Process Simple?

tax-auditMost of the Americans fear when they hear the letter IRS. If you are a small business owner and wish to keep all your business taxation and recordkeeping clear without disaster, you need to consult a tax accountant. The tax professionals provide you instant solutions and represent clients to win the audit. You need to find and provide all the documents to make the process simpler. If you have safeguarded your auditing records, then it remains easy for the tax professional to track your records. Here giving some tips that will help in IRs tax auditing.

Document income: It means the business income that includes tips and cash. It has to be deposited in business account where you need to use only for managing your business funds. It is essential to do this or else you have to total all the income from bank statements.

Preserve the receipt:income-tax-audit It is important to file down every penny you are spending for your business. It should have all necessary details, date, amount, purchase reason and signature. It actually remains useful for bookkeeping process too.

Track every expense: It is not simple to sort expenses when you have piled up for long time. You can use the alphabet to track and use when you are paying the taxes. This way, you can deduct the expense.

Get educated: Ensure to approach an experienced tax professional. Try to get some knowledge and idea about tax administration in order to avoid mistakes and make the process simple.

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Tax Administration for your Home Based Business

home-based-business-taxAre you doing home based business? If so, then the hobby loss rules can be applied to your business. It is an area where law mostly overlooks and it is termed as hobby loss rules. The IRS ensures to look out for taxpayers who draw their profits from other sources. Most people have an idea that it comes under red flag under IRS tax audit. If you are actively engaged in the business and able to make profit, then the IRS examiner would consider whether or not to do deductions. Here listing some factors that will be taken into account when you doing home based business for profit.

Manner of transaction: Do you maintain book and records in your business? Do you manage like a real time business? Do you keep changing the methods, operating techniques or use unprofitable methods to enhance the profit of your business?


Experience and experience of your advisors: It is essential to start a business after doing research and consulting an experienced business advisor. They would confirm whether you started the business by approaching the experts and carrying the business activity according to the recommended manner. It remains as evidence about your profit motive and business plans you have in your business.

Effort and time you spend in the activity: Are you starting the venture after quitting your job? Are you devoting most of your time in carrying out the business? By analyzing all the questions the tax professionals will find out the tax that will apply to your business.

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Understanding about Tax Deductions


There are no means to skip or avoid tax payments but there are ways to utilize tax deductions. It is necessary to talk to your tax professional to know the ways and areas where you can look for tax deduction. Here in this blog, let us discuss where you can expect tax deductions.

Employ family members: The tax amount will depend upon the business type you are operating. If you are hiring your family members to manage your business, then you can save on tax amount. This way, you can transfer the profits or income to your family member and you can make use of compensation paid. This way, the amount of tax will be reduced in your business. For instance, if you are paying salary to spouse or wages to children below eighteen years of age it does not come under federal unemployment tax. It is essential to remain cautious since IRS can ask you any type of question.
about-tax-deductionsIf the IRS questions you about the compensation for the services the family member has performed, then you need to show proof of the amount you have paid to them. If you are hiring your family member who is less than eighteen years, then you need to ensure it abides to the child labor laws. It is best to consult a professional lawyer or tax officer to analyze and verify certain minor facts.

Retirement plan: If you are self employed, then it is essential to take care of your retirement needs. It is possible to take or sign up a retirement plan where your employer sponsors. It comes with variety of benefits and offers. There are several non tax and tax benefits retirement schemes in the market. You need to explore and sign up with a plan that provides the maximum tax deductions and benefits in your retirement stage.

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