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Parker Forboe is the leading tax attorney in the USA. Our law company will put our best efforts, complete staff assistance and every recognized applicable law to safeguard interests and rights against the EDD, FTB,and IRS to accomplish the best possible results in your case. We prepare excellent cases through the organization and collections of documents and facts. We create best strategies with the help of our expertise and experience with regulations, rules, tax laws and procedures to violently negotiable possible results for our clients.
We are experienced in Legal Knowledge, Case Preparation, Case Presentation,and Negotiation. Our team consists of six lawyers. We completed our education in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Final Accounting. We all pursued Masters in Taxation and accomplished with Distinction in all subjects at the National University. We have twenty years’ experience in compound forensic accounting. We have experience in handling hundreds of payroll and sales tax audits. We have even negotiated several successful offers. We even experience in International taxation that includes controlled foreign corporations and offshore entities.
We started this blog to educate people about simple taxation policies and terms. Hope you enjoy our website. If you have any suggestions or doubts, please feel to share with us. We are ready to help you in all terms. Our services include Tax Attorney, IRS Audits, International Tax, Offer in Compromise, Tax Collections, Bankruptcy and Taxes, Innocent Spouse Relief, Several and Joint Liability, Tax Litigation, Tax Appeal, Tax Crimes and Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion, Payroll Taxes and Voluntary Disclosure.

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