What Lawyers Look For In A VoIP Phone System?

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The Importance of Hosted VoIP for Law Firms

With traditional landlines becoming more and more outdated and adding clutter to the office, VoIP is becoming an indispensable tool for law firms. VOIP phone systems are significantly less expensive as they do not require onsite equipment or personnel and include free features like long-distance, call waiting, call forwarding, and conference calling.

Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP services in India offer greater adaptability and flexibility. Read more here to learn how a hosted VoIP system can benefit your law firm and what features you should look for in a VoIP telephony system.

What Must Lawyers Look For In A VoIP Phone System?

Potential clients are fickle, and one misstep in communication can completely derail new business efforts, especially in law firms. A VoIP telephony system allows you to make and receive phone calls from anywhere using a smartphone application, and video conferencing allows you to collaborate from anywhere. Managed Voice Services can also help your law firm reduce costs and provide more comprehensive service to clients.

An established VoIP system can help you route the phone calls to the appropriate recipient by a virtual attendant. When looking for a VoIP phone system, lawyers should look for four features: client confidentiality, call recording, call forwarding, and call tracking.

Call recording allows you to ensure that your client services team provides the highest level of support for your clients. Managed Voice Services are designed to protect your clients’ privacy and provide your team with the ease of access required to provide the best possible service to your clients. VoIP telephony usually has integrated CRM with your phone system that can help you see the current status of your case right away. These web-based administration portals can also help scale your phone service up or down.

VOIP based services have the advantage of enabling employees to take their phones home and continue working with the same phone number and function as if they were still seated at the office desk. In short, your office phone follows you wherever you go. A VoIP service is beneficial for law firms for many other reasons. Continue reading to know more.

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13 Features That Makes VoIP A Must-Have For Law Firms

VoIP phone solutions can benefit your law firm, including cost savings, flexibility, and increased productivity. They are significantly less expensive than traditional landline telephone systems, and they do not require the installation of expensive hardware.VoIP technology:

  • Allows you to make phone calls over the Internet while still using your existing broadband connection.
  • Scales the entire system and can easily accommodate more users without upgrading or replacing hardware.
  • It is simple to deploy and manage because they do not require pre-existing wiring or Ethernet ports.
  • Provide seamless mobile capabilities, a virtual receptionist, and multiple rings, which can help you make a more favourable first impression on potential clients.
  • Create users, configure phone features, and purchase phone numbers.
  • Allow lawyers to make and receive calls while working from home and be configured in real-time through the web administration portal.
  • Project a professional image to your customers by promptly directing callers to the appropriate person. VoIP can give your law firm the appearance of a large firm, regardless of the size of your organisation. Business hours are strictly enforced, and calls are routed to the right person based on the time of day.
  • Provide advanced video conference call platforms that include screen sharing, chat functionality, the ability to record calls, and hostmaster controls. Video conferencing can play a significant role in lawyer-client communications.
  • Provide you with audio conference bridges and video conference bridges.
  • Save your company money by reducing long-distance calls and user to user calls.
  • Accept calls when you are unavailable and send voicemail to your email inbox.
  • Keep track of call times and records integrated with your billing and accounting systems. VoIP systems provide the option to record your calls, which is useful in an emergency.
  • VoIP systems can be used in a power failure and can be accessed from another location with power.

Wrapping up:

Hosted VoIP can meet the needs of your expanding law firm. They can assist you in maintaining your law firm’s image as a polished, professional, and trusted advisor. Apart from allowing businesses to receive phone service over the Internet, they also provide a reliable VoIP service with high uptime with multiple data centres. Hosted VoIP is also particularly effective at providing mobile employees flexibility and remote work options.

Many law firms are switching to VoIP systems for various reasons, including those listed above.

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