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The changes in the California’s income tax bracket were made for the tax year 2015 and the taxes were changed in 2013. The tax bracket in California is changed based on the inflation index and reflects the cost of living. The lowest California marginal tax bracket is 1% and the highest is 13.3%. Based on the tax brackets the filing types are decided. Married couple can file tax returns jointly and they enjoy wider tax bracket when compared to those filing individually. All latest updates can be derived from the California Franchise Tax Board.

California tax bracket
There is no single tax bracket in California. The marginal tax rates are paid from the lowest to the highest based on your earnings. The tax bracket is the last earned income within the stipulated tax period. It can be considered as a flat amount for your earnings till the highest tax bracket including the marginal percentage.

California tax bracket model
· Single tax bracket
· Joint tax bracket
o 1% for earning between $0.00 and $8,015.00
o 2% for earnings between $8,015.00 and $19,001.00
o 4% for earnings between $19,001.00 and $29,989.00
o 6$ for earnings between $41,629.00 and $52,612.00
o 9.3% for earnings between $52,612.00 and $268.750.00
o 10.3% for earnings between $268,750.00 and $322,499.00
o 11.3% for earnings between $322,499.00 and $537,498.00
o 12.3% for earnings between $537,498.00 and $1,000,000.00
o 13.3% for earnings over $1,000,000.00

Tax estimator
You can find tax estimators online to calculate the Federal Income tax depending on the recent tax bracket. The income from the wages, standard deduction is free from tax credits. While calculating the deduction ensures that the tax bracket is applied to the adjusted gross income (AGI) post qualifying deductions. It can be defined as the itemized deduction, the standard deduction, business expenses, dependents exemptions and more.

Apart from marginal tax brackets the other features are deductions. The important deductions are California Standard deduction, California Personal Exemption and California Dependent Deduction. According to this the current values are:
· SD Single – $4,236.00
· SD Married – $8,472.00
· Personal Exemption – $114.00
· Dependent Exemption – $353.00
Standard deduction can be termed as the deducted by default to the tax payers for those who do not wish to file itemized deduction. Personal Exemption is termed as additional deduction for those responsible for living expenses. You can also take additional dependent exemption if you support another person financially. The Federal Income Tax is a standard deduction, dependent deduction and personal exemptions.

Individual income taxes are the major revenue source for the state government amounting to 37% of the collections. Apart from sales tax and excise tax, individuals are liable to pay income tax too. In the United States 43 States levy individual income taxes, 41 states tax wages and salary income, while the two states of Tennessee and New Hampshire is exclusive interest and tax dividend. Seven of the states do not levy income tax. Tennessee is expected to repel income tax by 2022. Eight states have single rate tax structures with a rate for all income taxable.

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